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  • Value of the Investor Mindset
  • How the Rich Leverage Assets and Liabilities
  • How to Understand the Global Currency Market
  • Trading Strategies to Leverage Your Position
  • Strategies to Trade in a 24-hr Market
  • How to Protect Your Money as the Markets Move Up, Down and Sideways
  • Ways to Transition from Employee to Investor

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You will have the chance to have your personal questions answered by your instructor as well as the opportunity to chat with your fellow students.

If you want to develop an "Investor Mindset" and put the potentially life-changing principles of Legacy Education into action in your own life, the place to start is with Legacy Education's Free Forex Webinar.

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  • How to Obtain Credit - Gaining credit is crucial to the launch and growth of most small businesses. This guide outlines tested ways to potentially obtain the credit you need to finance your business.
  • How to Find Great Investments - Financial freedom means something different to everyone. At its core, it's about making your money work hard for you and building additional streams of income. The purpose of this manual is to uncover tips for evaluating opportunities in business and real estate.
  • Tax and Asset Protection Mini eBook - You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on asset protection, know the difference between safe and dangerous assets, understand and apply your entity option, and much more!
  • Guide to Stock Investing Mini eBook - It's time to open your mind to the trading secrets the pros use. With the information in this manual, you will learn how you can break your financial plan down into investment vehicles; understand the types of stocks and bonds, gain knowledge on commodity futures, and much more.
  • Guide to Real Estate Investing Mini eBook - You will have the opportunity to learn how to profit with real estate, locating and negotiating deals, selecting your power team, gaining confidence and much more.

Create Cash Flow with the World's Currencies in Market that Never Sleeps

There is no market in the world as fast-paced and exciting as the Foreign Currency Exchange (FOREX). There is also no market as large or as liquid with over $4 trillion in trades every day.

Legacy Education's Free FOREX Trading Webinar will show you how you can become a part of this exciting round-the-clock market.

You don't need any previous experience with global currency. This FOREX Webinar will introduce you to trading basics as well as some powerful strategies that traders use to create potential return on investments (ROI) that can dwarf other financial instruments.

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